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We know how crucial it is to access the best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Supplies available. In a time when quality and safety are of supreme importance, it's essential our clients can count on a provider who delivers reliable products in a timely manner. Rapid Supply is committed to full filling logistical necessities required in any situation and providing wholesale fair-market prices on our entire catalog, including PPE, Masks and Test Kits.

Our Services

About us.

          Rapid Supply Services is a wholly owned brand of Global Sourcing Specialist. Founded in 2015, Global Sourcing Specialist is a licensed and bonded FDA registered importer. We are dedicated to providing high quality PPE and medical supplies to municipalities, government agencies, contractors, commercial businesses, first responders as well as healthcare providers. Please contact us to learn more about available equipment and delivery schedule.  With all of todays challenges, speedy deliveries and customer satisfaction are essential. Let Rapid Supply be your resource for all of your PPE and Medical Equipment.  

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